Obituaries Aug 9-22, 2022

Luis A. Aguirre Sr. 74, of Sheboygan died July 18. Zimmer Westview Funeral Home.

Jack A. Aschenbach 91, of Sheboygan died July 18. Olson Funeral Home.

Diane M. Baumhardt 70, of Plymouth died July 8. Suchon Funeral Home.

Jack Brill 78, of Oostburg died July 12. Wenig Funeral Home.

Carol Lynn Bruss 71, of Waldo died July 11. Suchon Funeral Home.

Thomas C. Cheney 75, of Howards Grove died July 12. Wenig Funeral Home.

Allen J. Hau 63, of Glenbeulah died July 15. Suchon Funeral Home.

Juan F. Leos Hernandez 38, of Sheboygan died July 16. Reinbold Novak Funeral Home.

Gary L. Gagnon 74, of Sheboygan died July 3. Olson Funeral Home.

Gerald “Jerry” H. Goebel 79, of Sheboygan died April 21. Ballhorn Chapels.

Susanne “Sue” Neilitz 73, of Cascade died July 17. Suchon funeral Home.

Catherine Jo Retzack 68, of Sheboygan died February 12. Reinbold Novak Funeral Home.

Joanne E. Roitt 90, of Plymouth died July 9. Suchon Funeral Home.

Barbara “Ruth” Subat 91, of Sheboygan died July 14. Reinbold Novak Funeral Home.

Josephine H. Trempe 84, of Sheboygan died July 10. Reinbold Novak Funeral Home.

Gerald R. Wagner Sr. 80, of Town of Lima died July 10. Suchon Funeral Home.

Geraldine “Gerry” Wilke 76, of Sheboygan died July 17. Reinbold Novak Funeral Home.

Linda L. Wolfe 56, of Sheboygan died July 5. Ballhorn Funeral Home.

Dale Wulff 86, of Random Lake died June 26. Wenig Funeral Home.

John A. Zeeveld 76, of Cascade died July 19. Suchon Funeral Home.

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