Virtual auditions underway for Sister Act musical

The Sheboygan Theater Company (STC) is pleased to announce that it is now holding virtual auditions for the company’s upcoming production of Sister Act. The production will be staged at the Leslie W. Johnson Theater on the Horace Mann Middle School campus at the end of September. While in-person auditions may occur later in the summer, virtual auditions are open now.

“We are trying a new approach to auditions for this show and will be accepting video submissions until the first of August,” said STC Executive Director Tricia Roberts. “We really want to attract a broad and diverse group of actors for this show and hope that by making the auditions virtual it will be easier for more people to express their interest in being part of this exciting production.”

Each submission should be no longer than 2 minutes and no less than 30 seconds. It should include a cut of a song (preferably 70’s pop sound) that shows off the actor’s voice and acting ability while singing. Several roles may become non-singing roles, so those who do not sing may submit a short monologue instead. Actors may include a demonstration of their vocal range, but it is not required.

Complete virtual audition requirements are available on the Theatre Company’s website.

Sheboygan native and experienced theater director Amanda Ellis will direct this production.

“Growing up I was a big fan of the movie this musical is based on, and I am eager to bring that love to the stage,” Ellis said. “Not only is it full of joyful music, it explores our relationship with identity in meaningful ways. I know Sheboygan has diverse talent and I hope to use this as an opportunity to bring more of that diversity to STC. There are parts for everyone, even non-singers, so please don’t hesitate to throw your hat in the ring!”

Early submissions are encouraged. Roberts said the Company realizes that this is a longer casting process than usual and some may hesitate for fear of unknown future conflicts, but she encourages everyone to audition. If a conflict arises before casting is complete, the actor can just let the Company know.

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