Soccer team claims national title

LAKESHORE UNITED FC U-19 shows off the medals from winning a national championship. – Submitted photo

National champion has a nice ring to it.

“I never really thought I would ever say that,” North’s Erica Herzog said. “It’s surreal. I mean, it just felt like another game. But it was for something more. It was just crazy how far we’ve come from just a little soccer club from Sheboygan. It’s cool to think about.”

Lakeshore United FC U-19 defeated Albion SC Central California, 2-1, July 10 in Greensboro, N.C., to become the first team – girls or boys – from Wisconsin to win the National Presidents Cup.

“I was really proud of them when they won the Midwest Regional to get to nationals,” coach Jim Veeser said. “Then I was very proud of them to be in the national championship and playing because we made it that far. But when they made it to the national championship game, it was surreal as they won that game. They always believed they could, but I was just so happy for them. It was a moment that they’ll probably never forget, and they worked hard to achieve that goal.

“And they always did it as teammates. They looked out for each other, they respected one another and it was kind of one of those feel-good movie endings where a group of young females were able to achieve a goal. They had obstacles along the way, and I was just so happy for them, I don’t know how to put it into words, other than that. It was amazing.”

It appeared Lakeshore was going to lose to Albion for the second time in as many days, as the team trailed, 1-0, in the final minute. But then Port Washington’s Meghan Zwicker scored to force overtime. That’s when Oostburg’s Ashley Ternes scored the go-ahead goal.

Herzog was asked what she’ll remember most about the tournament, and the entire experience is what she answered.

“It was so well-planned by our coach,” she said. “It just really made everything worth it. We had team meetings every night, we were able to do kind of a tailgate in the back of the hotel’s parking lot. There was no drama, which was amazing because I’ve never had a team like that before. And I think that our coach really brought the whole team together.”


Cassie Pilling     Plymouth

Ava Stroessner     Plymouth

Korynne Wesener     H. Grove

Alayna Lloyd         South

Ava Potokar         Falls

Meghan Zwicker     Port Wash.

McKenzie Shaver        Falls

Kenzie Koppenhaver   Kiel

Hailey Hawe       North

Savannah Strojny         Falls

Ashley Ternes     Oostburg

Sarai Draves Fond du Lac

Maddy Barton         Falls

Betty Quasius       North

Haley Veeser       North

Kamryn Luecke       Falls

Rylee Brotz       South

Cora Erickson CG-Belgium

Breleigh Navis     Oostburg

Erica Herzog       North

Abby Moore       Kiel

Coach: Jim Veeser

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  1. That is awesome, I know Jim and the smile on his face was for his girls, he never once said I it was always they did it I am so happy for those kids, I know what it’s like to win a national championship and believe me you will never forget it!

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