Miller is one ‘lucky’ guy

Despite flipping into fence and landing upside down outside the Plymouth Dirt Track, he’s uninjured

Justin Miller had some bumps and bruises, and was still sore early last week, but things could have been much worse following his accident at the Plymouth Dirt Track on June 4.

“I’m literally lucky, because it was a bad wreck,” the 1997 Plymouth graduate said.

Miller was competing in the 360 Sprint Car B-main when what he calls a ‘racing incident’ occurred.

The next thing he knew, his car flipped some four to five times and he took out approximately eight to 10 poles of the turn three fencing.

“It just happened so fast,” Miller said. “I did have a recollection of Jason Johnson in Beaver Dam from 2018. He lost his life. It was very reminiscent of that incident. I just feel like I’m very lucky to survive that crash. It was a freak accident, basically. We don’t see that kind of stuff at Plymouth very often. I’m lucky. I’m very lucky to be able to talk about it now.”

Miller’s car landed upside down on the grass embankment outside of the track, and he recalls looking on the ground, saying: “‘well, you know, this isn’t good,’ I remember putting my hand out when I released my seatbelt. People were asking me if I’m okay and I said, ‘yeah, I think so.’ Pretty much all I said was ‘I want to get out.’”

A lot of drivers and pit crew members rushed to the aid of Miller, who says he is also glad for his strong and safe Maxim chassis.

“They all sprinted to me,” Miller said. “Because the track safety team is in the infield, so they can’t get to that right away. There were quite a few people assisting me right away, which I’m speechless on that. I can’t thank those people enough.”

After the car was turned over, Miller got out under his own power and was checked out by the track’s medical staff. 

Although the rest of the program was cancelled (tickets and pit wrist bands can be exchanged for a future event), Miller didn’t even need to visit a hospital and attended his daughter’s graduation the following afternoon.

“Honestly, I’m so thankful I didn’t miss it,” he said. “I had angels watching over me on Saturday night.”

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