Technical college health care education gets major boost

An architectural rendering of the new Center for Health Care Excellence to be constructed on Lakeshore Technical College’s Cleveland campus.

The Lakeshore Technical College Foundation celebrated a $1 million donation in April  from Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network, Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital, and Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity for the development of a new Center for Health Care Excellence. 

This is the largest donation in the Lakeshore Foundation 46-year history and is part of a $5 million fundraising campaign for the new center, set to break ground in 2023.

The new center will be a 16,000 square foot addition and remodel to the existing Cleveland campus benefiting 1,500 health care and emergency services students and professionals who will train annually in the new facility. This will meet the growing demand for graduates from Lakeshore’s nursing, emergency medical technician (EMT), radiology, medical assistant, paramedic, fire medic, and other health care and public safety programs.

“We cannot overstate the transformational impact this million-dollar gift will have on our college and our community,” said Lakeshore president Dr. Paul Carlsen. “All of us are consumers of health care throughout our lives, and a disproportionate share of healthcare workers in our community graduated from our college. This new partnership with Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network, Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital, and Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity will drive the modernization of our facilities and assist us in significantly increasing the number of health care students we graduate annually.”

“The Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network has a long history of partnering with educational institutions with a strong local presence that are committed to providing educational opportunities to those who live and work in the diverse communities we serve,” said Eric Humphrey, senior vice president and chief human resources officer for Froedtert Health. “The Center for Health Care Excellence will help educate the region’s future health care workforce, reduce workforce shortages and help create a new pipeline of health care professionals – both in quality and quantity.”

“This is an investment that allows us to grow our own future,” added Steve Little, president of Holy Family Memorial and senior vice president of network development for Froedtert Health. “This donation ensures Lakeshore Technical College graduates more health care professionals than ever before and guarantees those graduates are prepared to step right into our health care workforce and meet its challenges.”

Seventy-nine percent of the $5 million goal has been met. Private fundraising will comprise $3 million, of which $2.38 million has been met. Lakeshore Technical College will contribute $2 million. Naming opportunities remain for the emergency bay and entrance, instructional labs, simulation rooms, and classrooms.

Additional information about the fundraising campaign can be found at

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