$25,000 given to promote diversity

The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Telling the Full History Preservation Fund announced its award of $25,000 to the Sheboygan County Historical Society. 

The National Trust for Historic Preservation received 446 grant applications, and Sheboygan County: Telling the Full History is one of 80 projects nationwide selected for funding. This grant focuses on projects that help preserve, interpret, and activate historic places to tell the stories of underrepresented groups in our nation.

The Sheboygan County Historical Society is partnering with Green Bicycle Co. on this project. The heart of this project is in community engagement. By enlisting a local business who specializes in sustainable community building to lead this project, we are committed to ensuring that this work is shared and documented widely.

Green Bicycle Co. is dedicated to Creating Conscious Communities. This is a commitment to ensure radically inclusive engagement, meaningful communication, and a fresh perspective to every community we work with for the duration of our project and beyond. Green Bicycle Co. will engage in intensive community outreach methods to ensure that this project is equitable, sustainable, and thoughtfully constructed.

The purpose of Sheboygan County: Telling the Full History is to develop a better understanding of the role that underrepresented communities played in the history and evolution of Sheboygan County, as well as educating and creating a model for continued data collection, communications, and partnerships. In this project, we will be engaging with specific communities to collect and archive information and create opportunities for engagement and exhibition. The project will include educational workshops that weave into the project including storytelling or exhibiting to help communities tell their stories into the future.

In order to effectively engage and collaborate with diverse communities throughout Sheboygan,  Green Bicycle Co. will enlist and lead a Project Task Force composed of representatives from women, LGBTQIA+, and Hmong communities in Sheboygan County. These members will meet regularly and determine the best strategies for dialogue with their communities.

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