Something to sing about for South foreign exchange student Frey

Swiss national anthem played before game

SENIOR WALK was recently held at South, as its three softball seniors were honored (from left to right): Lyane Frey, Khloe Murphy and Michaela Heling. – Submitted photo

South’s Senior Night wasn’t just any celebrations of its 12th graders.

The Redwings not only played the national anthem before their softball game in early May, coach Kelly Dohse added the Swiss one because of foreign exchange student Lyane Frey. 

“I though it’d be kind of cool to do her national anthem along with ours,” she said. “I think it must’ve been with having the Olympics this year, I must’ve been thinking about it. I don’t know. I just thought it’s be nice to take the extra time for our foreign exchange student. I’d never done it before, and I’ve had plenty of foreign exchange students.”

Frey, a right fielder who has started in several games this season, has truly been an integral part of the squad, according to Dohse.

“She was super surprised and just very grateful that we thought of that,” Dohse said. “That we would think to do something specifically for her.”

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