Sisterly love – North’s softball team features three Wagners

THE WAGNER SISTERS (from left to right in both pictures), Bella, Ally and Emma, have been playing softball since they were young until this season. – Photos by Chris Wagner

Of course the Wagner sisters will yell at each other every now and then.

And the three will likely always remember the time they were on their way to basketball when somebody forgot their socks, only to return home to find none were available to wear because they did not clean any of their dirty ones.

“We got in a really big fight about that and we were all late to basketball,” Ally said.

But who wouldn’t enjoy being able to play on the same softball team like the senior Wagner and her sisters Emma (sophomore) and Bella (freshman) get to at Sheboygan North?

“When me and my dad were talking about it, we couldn’t wait,” Ally said. 

“We’ve been playing softball our whole lives but we all have so many different talents that we bring to a team. I just couldn’t wait until I was a senior to play with them.”

The girls also played basketball and volleyball this year, but they were not all on varsity.

“I really like it because I want a lot for them,” Ally said. “So like seeing them succeed is really fun to me. Like I feel I almost want it more for them than I do for myself. Or when they make a mistake, picking them back up is a really good feeling, too. It makes me feel really good. Then when they go back out and try again, and they succeed, it’s really fun just to be a part of their success.”

Emma bats second in the lineup and plays center field or pitches.

Ally hits third and pitches or plays center field.

And Bella bats fifth or sixth and is the third baseman.

“Looking at them, Ally’s the strong pitcher, obviously because she’s a senior she’s much stronger,” coach Chris Lenz said. “Emma is the fast one who can cover a country mile for us and Bella is our rock-solid corner infielder. Physically, they’re just all very different.”

Ally, who made second-team all-Fox River Classic Conference the last two years as an outfielder, got her sisters involved in softball at a young age by teaching them to pitch in the backyard.

“They’re as close as sisters can be,” Lenz said. “They’re very protective of each other and it’s been a pleasure watching them. It’s been fun to watch them grow up and then have this one year where all three of them get to play together. It’s been an exciting journey.

“They’re very similar, but they’re also very different. They each have some similar personality traits, but in and of themselves, they’re very different from each other.

“They go about their business and do what needs to be done. They’re always very determined to make the best out of every situation that’s put to them.”

The Wagners, who do not have any other siblings, will watch Ally go off to college soon.

She will study forensics psychology at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, and says the three of them did not see each other all the time either before the two youngest got to high school.

“So I feel like it won’t be as weird as I feel like it will be now, I’ll get used to it,” Ally said. “And I don’t really get homesick, so it won’t be that big of a deal. But I’ll obviously miss them a lot.”

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