Wildwood Park outfield to be improved

Following the Sheboygan A’s baseball season, the outfield at Wildwood Park will get a facelift.

Bill Weinaug, a member of the A’s board of directors, says the wheels have been in motion for a few years.

“The first thing to do is from the infield edge halfway to the outfield wall, it will all be stripped back, filled in, leveled off and then the sod rolled back down,” he said. “Then the second half of the outfield is all going to be filled in and deep-tyned to get things leveled out and filled in that way. That’ll help the grass to grow better and also the drainage to be better as well.”

It will cost the team about $30,000-$35,000, and the A’s are looking to raise money through donations.

Weinaug hopes work will begin as soon as the final out of the upcoming season is made. It will take a few weeks to do it, and then it takes time to settle back in and regrow.

“There’s just a lot of potholes from animals, and just wear and tear of frost coming up and going in and out, and drainage issues – behind first base there’s like a foot drop off from the infield down,” Weinaug said. “What it will be is from the infield edge out to the outfield wall, it’ll all be a gradual taper the whole way. So it’ll improve the drainage and we won’t have to soft spots or the holes there anymore.”

As expected, team officials and players are glad for the upgrade.

“We’re real happy, and our outfielders will be much happier with it when it’s done,” Weinaug said. “We get sent Division I, II and III college players, and they come to us in good condition. We want to send them back in the same condition. With these holes and some of the soft spots, it’s to the point where somebody could run and hit one of those, and break a leg or ankle. That’s our biggest fear.”

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