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Sheboygan schools compete as co-op

Sheboygan sailors Sam Delasanta (left) and Adam Pickhardt compete in a race last season.

Snow and sailing do not nix.

The Sheboygan High School Sailing Team learned that the hard way during an April snowstorm a few years ago.

“They had to shovel snow out of their boats before practice started,” coach Whitney Kent said. “They built a snowman on the power boat.

“We didn’t even own a snow shovel, but they had a lot of fun. Why would we have a snow shovel at a sailing center? We had to go buy one.”

And yes, unbeknown to many, there is a co-ed, co-op sailing team for 7th-12th graders in Sheboygan.

“It’s not very well-known and was very small when it started,” Kent said. “It’s been slow and steady growth. We’re just trying to spread the word about it.”

Kent, who is the program director at the Sheboygan Youth Sailing Center, has been coach since the team was formed in 2017.

It competes in the Midwest interscholastic Sailing Association against teams from Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

No experience is necessary, says Kent, who thinks there are at least a dozen teams in the state.

Members of the Sheboygan sailing team smile for the camera.
– Submitted photos

Her squad features 22 students and they practice at the youth center three days a week from March through May. There is also a fall season.

“It’s definitely challenging when it’s cold, but we have dry suites so they don’t get wet,” Kent said. “So that helps keep them warm. And when it’s really cold early in the spring, we’re only on the water for about an hour. When it gets warmer, we stay out a little longer.”

Sheboygan was scheduled to have already opened its season in Minneapolis, but there was still ice on the lake. So the team will travel to Chicago this weekend for its first regatta.

Those interested in joining can send an email to


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