Pillowcases help brighten childrens’ hospital stay

by Dave Boehler
for The Beacon

COLORFUL PILLOWCASES WERE ON DISPLAY when a handful of Sheboygan Central students met nurses outside of St. Nicholas Hospital in early March to donate pillowcases they made in class. Included from left to right are: Kathy Hettman, Crystal Konik, Ariana Anzures, Vanneza Hernandez, Deborah Kidder, Reina Urbina, and Delysia Lloyd-Torres. – Submitted photo

Having never really sewed before, Reina Urbina was definitely more than pleased with the results of the pillowcases that were eventually donated.

“Each one that I made, I really wanted to keep it,” the Sheboygan Central senior said. “They’re really amazing. I can’t believe I even made something that special, that awesome, especially since it’s my first time making a pillowcase.

“So, it was really nice to give it to someone else, hoping they felt special knowing someone else made it and it was not just something that was bought.”

Central teacher Deb Kidder came up with the new idea for her sewing class as part of a “pro skills” endeavor, where students exhibit behaviors such as time management, creativity, and leadership.

As a result, a handful of students spent nearly three weeks making 15 pillowcases that were given to St. Nicholas Hospital for children to use.

“It’s all part of the belief I have to reach out, be kind, to others,” Kidder said. “I was really glad we did it. The nurses were really appreciative.

“And I can just imagine, I mean, I’ve had a son in the hospital before and it’s a horrible time. So to bring a little bit of happiness and joy to someone warms my heart.”

Urbina’s heart was warm, too, especially after making three pillowcases.

“We really put in the thought of what children of their age would really enjoy, so we tried to put in some fun things so that when they receive them, they have a little happiness because it’s something unique to them,” Urbina said. “They’re not all the same. Each one has different patterns, different sizes, stuff like that.

“I felt like I did something really awesome. Even though it’s something small, I felt that it was exciting. I was really nervous at first. But the nurses were super excited about them and they loved each pillowcase. I felt it was something I would want to continue to do, so me and my teacher talked about it.”

Kidder, who says she will do the project again in upcoming classes, also wrote a poem to go with each pillowcase.

They were given to nurses in early March, and eventually made their way to the floors where children stay.

“They were super excited and thought they were really colorful, well-made,” Kidder said. “I even had a couple of parents say they didn’t believe they actually sewed them because they look so good. So that was cool.”

Did Kidder keep one as a result?

“I didn’t, but I in fact was motivated to make one for each one of my grandkids,” she said. “I bought some more material for myself and did that.”

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