Wade House horse show plans advance

by David Minor
for The Beacon

The Town of Greenbush Board of Supervisors gave final approval to a Wade House site improvement project at its January 24, 2022 meeting and heard public comments from recreational enthusiasts looking to expand ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) routes in the Town.

The $500,000 Wade House infrastructure improvement project gained approval from the Planning Commission where a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) was granted to construct a 1400-foot-long and 24-foot-wide gravel road to access the horse arena and bleachers on its grounds.  

The new road will exit on Center Road after crossing two 40-acre parcels and mapped wetlands.  The footprint of the Wade House site remains unchanged.

Alli Karrels, site director, Wade House Historic Site and Wesley W. Jung Museum, in highlighting the plan, said the improvement would allow the venue to host a major, 3-day horse and carriage event in July 2022 with over 45 units where 300-400 attendees are expected.

Tom TeBeest, project manager, Buteyn-Peterson Construction Co., Inc., noted project design changes made to address concerns raised by town officials.  A larger, 74-foot edge-to-edge, apron will be added at the exit, to contain gravel, with a 46-foot culvert for improved drainage.

Addressing the Board’s concern about construction related road damage, TeBeest said posted road weight restrictions will be followed and before and after photos will be taken and made available to town officials adding that the project will be responsible for road damage, if any.

Fire Chief Steve Dickman was pleased with the 24-foot-wide road design noting that the wider road would accommodate all emergency vehicles allowing access to the horse arena and bleachers.

Town resident Todd Zimmerman questioned Wade House representatives on their decision to fund an access road to the horse arena and bleachers over making improvements to existing structures and improving drainage around the site.

Funding for the $500,000 project is coming from private sources, Karrels responded, adding that building maintenance projects were delayed due to difficulty in signing trade contracts during the COVID pandemic and major building renovation work is in the 2023-25 budget.  

The elevation of the new road with a 3” rock base should improve drainage TeBeest added. 

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