It’s most likely Cincy over LA, coaches say

South assistant Jeff Londre is a Los Angeles Rams fan, but he is unaware his head coach predicts they will lose to Cincinnati in the Super Bowl.

“So if he sees this, I might get a message from him,” Jason Harder said.

Harder even thinks the game will be decide in the last seconds or overtime.

“Two teams I don’t think many people expected at the beginning of the year, so that kind of makes it exciting,” he said.

Last season, Harder and North coach Joe O’Brien correctly said Tampa Bay would win. Kohler/Lutheran/Christian coach Ryan Eigenberger went with Kansas City.


His record: 2-1.

Prediction: Cincinnati, 30-27.

“I feel like we’ve kind of been saying that same thing for the Bengals, ‘well, they match up, but this team is just a little better. … I’m going to keep going with that, I guess. They’ll find a way to win and they don’t seem too fazed by the bigness of it.”

Will Aaron Rodgers be back?

“I think if he wants to play for the Packers, they’d take him, because without him, they’re going to struggle. But if it’s time to go, it’s time to go. At some point it’s going to happen. 

“I don’t feel one way or the other too strongly about it. If he’ll stick around, great. If not, somebody else better buckle up and get ready to lead the team.”


His record: 2-1

Prediction: Cincinnati, 31-24.

“I’m cheering for the underdog. I really do think the Bengals are hot right now. They’ve been coming off a couple of really strong games. Playing in Los Angeles should fare well for the Rams, but I think Joe Burrow and company has really been putting on a show and I think they’re going to pull this off and bring the first Super Bowl (trophy) to Cincinnati.”

Will Aaron Rodgers be back?

“First and foremost, he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league. And maybe arguably in the top five of all time. His numbers certainly speak for themselves. I would anticipate him coming back. … Last summer, when people were thinking there’s no chance he’s coming back, well, he came back.”


His record: 0-2.

Prediction: Los Angeles, 35-32.

“If the Bengals are going to win, they’re going to have to try to score a lot. And I think the Rams can match that. It could be a high scoring game.”

Will Aaron Rodgers be back?

“I think he’s the best, talent-wise, quarterback to ever play. I would prefer to keep him on the Packers than seeing him in another uniform. If we can get a good haul, it’d be good. If he doesn’t want to be here, there’s nothing you can do. But I’m not so sure if the odds are in our favor to get a third hall of fame quarterback in a row.”

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