Another new chapter in our Sheboygan Area School District-Community Recreation Department, Sheboygan Theatre Company Story

As we embark on another season of  winter Community Recreation Department activities and STC shows we are happy to announce a new marketing campaign with the Beacon.

The Beacon will be printing all of our great fitness/sports, arts and recreation opportunities for all ages in their Tuesday, November 30 newspaper edition.

On top of that after more than 50 years of the CRD/STC offices being at – 607 South Water Street office location we both have moved to 3330 Stahl Road-Town of Wilson.   

At that location you will find both our new CRD and STC logos proudly displayed on our office entrance.

The goal of having our information in the Beacon is to get as much program information into as many homes/hands as possible.  We want to invite our past, present and future customers to register and try one of our many programs.

We truly believe that there should be a class or program in every season for everyone to enjoy- ages 2-99- and if there isn’t please call us to let us know what your recreation/arts passion is and we will do our best to make it happen.

Thank you

John Koehler, Director of Recreation and our Recreation and Theatre teams.

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