South’s Kaffine is an ‘old soul’ when it comes to running


More than likely, Alex Kaffine hummed his favorite Beatles song during the state cross country meet this past Saturday. Or the Sheboygan South senior thought of the Charlie Chaplin movie he watched the night before.

“It just distracts me from everything else that is going on and keeps me focused,” he said.

Coach Kevin Herber calls Kaffine an old soul who is highly intelligent and humble.

He likes rock music from the 1970s and ‘80s more than what most listen to today. And although Kaffine enjoys somewhat newer movies like The Grand Budapest Hotel from 2014, he usually prefers older ones because of their realism and the fact CGI (computer generated images) was not used.

“I tend to think the acting is better and they just feel like they’re not made to make money, but made because the writer wants to put out something that they love,” Kaffine said.

ALEX KAFFINE got to run at state on Saturday.
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Where did this all come from?

“I think my old brother, he was kind of a movie nut,” he said. “I guess I just kind of fed off of that by watching older films. They’re a lot different than movies nowadays. I don’t know, they’re fun to watch.”

Kaffine, who also plays basketball and runs track, lists The Godfather as his top movie and his favorite actor is Robert De Niro because “he’s just cool.”

Kaffine said he thought he would watch Chaplin in The Great Dictator before he left for the Division 1 race in Wisconsin Rapids because it caught his eye a while a back and he’s been meaning to see it.

He’s also been meaning to run at state. Or at least hoping for it, but admits he wasn’t 100% sure he would be able to do it this season.

“I knew I had a chance, and as the year went on, the percentages just kept getting bigger and bigger,” Kaffine said. “By the sectional meet, I was pretty certain that I was going to make it. I don’t know how other people felt.”

Girls also make state

South senior Rylee Brotz competed in her third straight championship and North freshman Victoria Garces also ran.

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