How do we look?

Unable to get their practice jerseys on time, South’s volleyball team found creative ways to bump, set and spike in.

The girls came up with various themed practices, including donning professional sports jerseys.

Others included tie-dyed attire, a Hawaiian theme and long-sleeve button-down shirts for a look similar to a young Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

“It’s just a way to have some fun,” coach Abby Sigler said. “It’s a nice way to do some team bonding.”

A shortage at the supply shop delayed their new practice garb until this past Friday, which means Sigler does not have to wear her flowered Hawaiian shirt again.

“I’m usually coming from work and they plan these usually last minute, so I could never have time to go home and grab something,” she said.

SOUTH’S VOLLEYBALL TEAM practiced in a variety of outfits so far. – Submitted photos

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