Brotherly love

by Dave Boehler
The Beacon Sports Editor

AIDAN DIENER (right) stands next to sister Ambryn and brother Asa.
– Submitted photo

Aidan Diener could have been a state champion.

Instead, he was a proud big brother.

The recent Sheboygan Lutheran graduate was a member of the state-qualifying 3,200-meter relay team as a sophomore, and the Crusaders went on to take first place in the Division 3 meet this year.

Diener, however, chose to play baseball because his brother was a freshman on the team.

“That was an interesting thing that I had to deal with,” Diener said. “I knew I’d miss out on state, but it was worth it to me. It’s something I’m never going to get to experience again, and I’m really happy that I did it the way I did.”

Diener played baseball as a freshman because back then it was played in summer. But when the season moved from summer to spring in 2019, he gave the sport up because he wanted to remain in track.

With Asa making his baseball debut this year as a freshman, Diener returned after switching from track.

“I very much appreciated him being a part of the program again, and really, as a senior providing really good leadership in the position as catcher that we really needed some help and some depth on,” coach Tim Muth said. “I know family is a big thing for him. It kind of demonstrates how much they care for each other. So yeah, it was great to have him on board.”

Muth also enjoyed watching the two interact.

“On many different levels,” he said.

Diener was Lutheran’s catcher and ended up making second-team all-conference.

“I didn’t really expect that, I didn’t expect to do whatever I did in the season,” Diener said. “So that was just a benefit that went along with it.”

What really mattered to Diener was being able to be behind the plate when Asa pitched in seven games.

“That’s something I always dreamed of,” Aidan said. “That’s the main reason why I played.”

The two, who played soccer together in the fall, also have a sister who made all-conference. Ambryn, a junior on the soccer team, received honorable mention.

“It was nice to be able to support each other,” Aidan said. “I went to as many games of hers and I could and she came to ours. … She’s been working hard at soccer. So I was really happy to hear she got all-conference.”

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