Court Report – May 4 – 17, 2021

Revoke Probation

Beasley, Isaiah L., 1/20/1996, Sheboygan, Prison 1 year 6 months, Extended Supervision 6 months.


Gaenslen, Brittany G., 5/1992, Sheboygan, Retail Theft, $389.50.

Powers, Lee A., 12/27/1978, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct, $456.50.

Schmidt, Kevin J., 2/1984, Sheboygan, Highway Right of Way mailbox, Sign and Newspaper, $169.00.


Bowles, Darrin A., 10/1/1992, Sheboygan, Battery, Jail 90 days, (30 days imposed, 60 stayed), $555.00.

Jones, Tasia C., 3/23/1995, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct, 15 days (stayed), $168.00.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

Grudzielanek, Michael T., 11/12/1980, Sheboygan, Throw/Discharge Bodily Fluid at Public Safety Worker or Prosecutor, (Felony), Disorderly Conduct, Resisting/Obstructing an Officer, (Misdemeanors), Prison 1 year 6 months (imposed and stayed), Extended Supervision 2 years (imposed and stayed), Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $1,428.00.

Vogel, Dustin D., 7/30/1987, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct (Misdemeanor), Possession of THC (2nd+Offense), (Felony), Jail 6 months, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $973.00.


Armer, Tommy Lee, 10/10/2003, Sheboygan, Drive or Operate Vehicle w/o Consent, Jail 4 months (stayed), Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $540.00.

Clark, Gilbert R., 10/20/1959, Sheboygan, Misappropriate ID Info-Obtain Money, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $809.00.

Crane, Christopher J., 4/3/1970, Sheboygan, Possession of Amphetamine/LSD/Psilocin (2nd+), Possession of Narcotic Drugs, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, Jail 4 months (stayed), $1,076.00.

Eckerman, Charles H., 9/29/1978, Sheboygan, Possession of Narcotic Drugs, Jail 45 days, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $530.00.

Jeske, Shelley Ann, 6/4/1966, Sheboygan, Manufacture/Deliver Schedule I, II Narcotics, Jail 60 days, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $546.00.

Ware-Mertzig, Dalton L., 2/23/2000, Sheboygan, 2nd Degree Recklessly Endanger Safety, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $546.40.

Wingo, Danny Lee, 8/3/1980, Sheboygan, Possession of Methamphetamine, Jail 3 months (stayed), Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $530.00.

Yurk, Kevin P., 7/26/1969, Sheboygan, Bail Jumping, Prison 3 years, Extended Supervision 3 years, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $546.00.

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