ROOTS honored as Tree Champion

 The Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council has announced awards honoring those dedicated to protecting, preserving and increasing the number of trees that line city streets, fill community parks and beautify neighborhoods throughout Wisconsin. 

The Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council advises the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Division of Forestry on the management of urban and community forest resources.

“Wisconsin plays a critical role in conservation, especially when it comes to trees,” said Linda Cadotte, Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council award committee chair. 

“These awards honor individuals, organizations and communities for their hard work and dedication to trees and the benefits they provide. Every year, the awards committee closely reviews the nominations. It’s an honor to learn more about all of the incredible work happening around our state that helps to support healthy community forests.”

This year’s recipients were announced at the 2021 Wisconsin Arborist Association/DNR Urban Forestry Conference, which was held virtually. The categories and winners include:

Project Partnership

Recognizing outstanding projects utilizing partnerships to benefit our urban forests.

Restoration Of Our Trees Sheboygan (ROOTS) is a collaborative effort between the Sheboygan Rotary Club and Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership, created to address emerald ash borer’s (EAB) threat to Sheboygan County’s rich forestry resources. The group was recognized for its effective partnerships with municipalities, businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals to enhance the area’s urban canopy. This year, ROOTS formed a new grant program for local governments in Sheboygan County to help them manage ash trees beyond putting new trees in the ground and focusing on planning and public awareness. This project has demonstrated that collaboration brings enormous advantages for both the urban forest and its people.

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