Virtual Birkie planned

Great news Skiers! You can ski a virtual Birkie/Korte/Prince Haakon at Greenbush and get credit for it. You pick your own course and ski the event distance anytime from Feb 20-28! How cool is that? This is likely the only time you will ever be able to do a Greenbush Birkie!  The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks (FWSP) are sponsoring 10 state lands properties, including Greenbush as a Tier 3 Virtual Birke site. We will do our best to keep the trails in tip-top shape for your race.

Anyone can ski the Virtual Race.  Just switch online to the virtual event option before February 27.


• Must complete your distance in one continuous ski

• Track your ski on your watch, phone, Garmin Connect, Strava, etc. If not available, make sure someone verifies your accomplishment 

• Must submit your finish time and distance through the requested channels to receive credit. Submission information will be available before February 20th

• Must ski the event from Feb 20-28

• Race will count towards completed Birke/Korte/Prince Haakon races

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