Shortened is better than sickened

Schieble’s season goes uninterrupted

DEVIN SCHIEBLE is surrounded by teammates last season. – Photo by Angie Sexton

As far as Devin Schieble is concerned, a delayed and shortened basketball season was still better than his campaign last year.

“It was definitely a great feeling being able to play with my teammates again,” the North senior captain said.

That’s because a little over a year ago, Schieble missed several games as a result of a small bowel obstruction in his intestines and then pneumonia.

“It didn’t really seem like a year (went by),” he said. “I try to keep my mind off it. Playing basketball really helps keeping my mind off of that stuff.”

However, the 10-game season ended after a first-round playoff loss last Tuesday.

“It goes by fast,” Schieble said.

If only his medical issues did. In January of 2020, Schieble had no idea why his stomach was hurting so he went to St. Nicholas Hospital.

Not only did doctors find the obstruction, Schieble was having some cardiac issues so he was transported by ambulance to Children’s Hospital the following day. Emergency surgery followed and Schieble stayed in Milwaukee for about a week.

“After surgery, I wasn’t really able to eat anything, so that was pretty tough,” Schieble said. “I was really dehydrated after.”

He lost about 20 pounds but gained spirit when some of his teammates visited him in the hospital.

“It helped a lot,” Schieble said. “When they came, it was my first time getting up and walking around. So they gave me strength. It was really cool to see my friends there.”

Even former North coach Tom Desotell made a surprise visit to see him.

“I really appreciated that,” Schieble said.

After he returning to the court, he played in one game and found out he had Pneumonia.

Schieble missed a few more games and was able to appear in some playoff contests, but his playing time was limited.

So in the offseason, Schieble harnessed his frustration by getting stronger and improving his jump shot.

“This offseason I was really mad about missing a lot of last year, so I worked really hard and feel like I became a better basketball player,” said Schieble, who will play at UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan.

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