Hayon is all over the place

WILL HAYON’S NAME is next to every swim record (left column) at North. – Photo by Karly Hayon

Sheboygan North’s Will Hayon now holds every school record – except diving.

“It’s quite an achievement,” coach Deylin Steinbruecker said.

“It doesn’t happen hardly ever.”

The junior’s latest record was set Jan. 15 in the 500-yard freestyle (4 minutes 41.83 seconds), which put his name next to all 11 swimming events on the school’s record board above the pool.

“We always talked about, as he was coming up even in like eighth grade and middle school, sooner or later that’s going to say all Will on it,” Steinbruecker said.

Hayon also holds six pool records at South thanks to his time in the 500.

“We plan on finishing the other side (pool records) next year,” Steinbruecker said. “We would’ve had it this year if we didn’t have such a short season.”

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