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South’s Boldt might play four sports in six months

HALLE BOLDT is a four-sport athlete about to begin the winter season. – Submitted photo

It’s hard to be a four-sport athlete with zero sports.

“I think there’s no better way you could say it,” South’s Halle Boldt said.

The senior finally gets to compete again, as the Sheboygan Area School District allowed sports to begin this week.

“I haven’t stopped talking about it with my family, people that are 100 miles away from me, I’ve been watching film since they made the decision because I’m so excited,” Boldt said.

Not that anyone needs reminding, but the delay in sports because of the Coronavirus began for all schools just before the start of the spring season.

At first, Boldt thought it would last two weeks and then things would return to normal.

But Boldt’s third season on varsity was scrapped – along with all spring sports in Wisconsin – and she was sad she did not get a final chance to play with those seniors who were her teammates for as long as she can remember. Boldt also wanted to see the team’s continued improvement over the course of her first two seasons – she led the Redwings with 17 goals as a sophomore – and she does not have time to play club soccer, so this was a big loss.

“So when soccer season rolls around, it’s something I really look forward to,” Boldt said. “It was just taken away from me, and I couldn’t do anything about it.”

The worst summer ever soon followed.

“Yeah, definitely,” Boldt said. “I was so bored.”

Boldt says she normally trains for soccer, football, cross country and basketball in summer, but was limited to AAU hoops. And that did not last long because COVID-19 became a family issue and she was stuck without physical activity for a total of about four weeks.

When Boldt heard the news fall sports were going to be pushed to spring, she was glad at first because she could still play them at least.

“But then once I started seeing other schools get to have football games while I had to be working out on my own, I couldn’t get into my own school’s gym, see my team, that’s when it really hit me and was wondering if I’d ever have a high school sport again,” Boldt said.

Winter sports for most schools began midway through November, but North and South had to wait until today for basketball to start.

Boldt, who set a school record for most points in a game last season with 36, is getting recruiting by NAIA schools around the Midwest.

When the season ends in February, Boldt will wait until March 8 to resume her kicking duties on the football squad.

Cross country starts the following week, but she is unsure she will run this year because soccer gets going on April 26 – before her fall sports are finished.

“It’s sad, because I’ve been able to do four sports my whole life,” Boldt said. “I was thinking, ‘how am I going to do four sports in half a year when I did four sports in a full year?’”

Still, the busiest spring ever is much better than worst summer.

“Yeah, and that’s what I like,” said Boldt, who is also in the school’s drumline. “I like to stay on my toes.”

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