Could candidates be in town with Hansen?

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It’s Election Day, and if it were up to Danica Hansen, she would be at her favorite restaurant with the two candidates – and a comedian.

The Lutheran senior, who just wrapped her volleyball season and is preparing for basketball, explains in the latest edition of 20 Questions.

Q: What is the best restaurant in the area?

A: Parker John’s BBQ & Pizza is by far the best restaurant in this area. I’ve only been there once and the mac and cheese stole my heart.

Q: You can have dinner there with any three people, who are they?

A: I would choose to eat with Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Kevin Hart. I don’t think the conversation would ever die. 

Q: What was the highlight of your volleyball season?

DANICA HANSEN battles at the net against Kohler recently. – Photo by Jenni Pickel

A: Our 6 a.m. practices and the school days to follow. It was definitely easy to see who the morning people were on our team. 

Q: Was it weird or strange knowing teams like North and South could not play this fall?

A: It was strange knowing that certain teams weren’t able to play. If I’m being honest, I almost felt guilty that we got the opportunity to play and these other schools didn’t. I’m praying their opportunities to play will come later this year.

Q: What scares you the most?

A: I am terrified of whales. They are enormous for no good reason at all. 

Q: What is the funniest thing that’s happened at one of your jobs?

A: I work in the dining department at a nursing home and we serve a lot of soup. One of my co-workers was asked to warm up a bowl in the microwave. Instead of pouring the soup into a bowl first, she put the tin can of soup into the microwave and heated it for 3 minutes. Let’s just say we had to get a new microwave. 

Q: What is the most trouble you’ve gotten into?

A: The summer after I got my license, I drove 2½  hours to Reedsburg to buy a kitten without my parents knowing. A 5-hour trip turned into about five weeks of being grounded. Luckily, for me, kittens were non-returnable. I bet you can guess my mom’s reaction when I came home with another kitten a couple months later. 

Q: What’s a hidden talent you have?

A: My hidden talent is that I can play six different instruments: piccolo, guitar, piano, ukulele, trombone, and flute. However, I decided to do choir in high school because I enjoy singing more.

Q: If you could be anything or do anything for a living, what would it be?

A: I would want to be a speech pathologist, which is my intended occupation at the moment. I love working with people, I love health care, I love teaching, and I love science. I think I would be happiest pursuing a career I am passionate about. 

Q: If you’re stuck on an island, what three things besides a phone would you want?

A: I would want a lighter, a blanket, and an axe. I think I would have a pretty solid chance of surviving maybe a week if I had these things. 

Q: Your least-favorite school subject is?

A: Math. It’s not that I’m bad at math, it’s just that I am extremely uninterested in dealing with only numbers for a whole class period.

Q: If you were principal for a day, what would you do?

A: I would give the students a day off. It would make the job a lot easier for me and would make the student body pretty happy. 

Q: What is your favorite movie?

A: Frozen 2. I think Olaf is adorable and the plot is engaging. The movie is very comedic and I will never grow tired of watching it. 

Q: Is there one TV show you always have to watch?

A: My absolute favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy. The show never gets boring. The only thing I don’t like about the show is how many of my favorite characters die.

Q: Best band or musician of all-time?

A: I cannot pick a favorite musician just because I am interested in several different genres. I have seen Post Malone in concert which was pretty cool, so he is probably in the top 5. 

Q: What is the song you enjoy the most but are afraid to admit?

A: I really like the song Young, Dumb, and Broke by Khalid. I’m not very proud to admit it just because it relates to my life a lot more closely than I would like it to.

Q: How would you describe your bedroom?

A: Full of plants and a lot of inspirational quotes. Unfortunately, the mess of clothes on my floor often takes away from the pretty wall decor. 

Q: Favorite and least-favorite athlete?

A: My favorite is Aaron Rodgers because he is unproblematic and I will always be a Packer fan. My least-favorite is Shaquille O’Neal. I have nothing against him, I would just be extremely intimidated if I ever met him.

Q: What celebrity do you have a crush on?

A: Rudy Pankow, who plays JJ in Outer Banks. If you’ve seen the show I really don’t think there’s any elaboration needed. 

Q: What was the most embarrassing moment for you in any sport?

A: During my freshman year of basketball, I was pulled up to play with the varsity for regionals. In my very first varsity game, I was defending a girl and accidentally hit her in the face when trying to steal the ball. She was very angry, as expressed through her choice of language, and I felt absolutely horrible. I got a lot of grief from the coaches because my first stat in the record book of varsity basketball was a foul from hitting a girl in the face.

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