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by Dave Boehler
Beacon Sports Editor

One coach picks Miracle.

Another says Caddy Shack.

It’s Friday Night Lights, a third says.

Actually guys, it’s Hoosiers.

The Associated Press recently ranked the best sports movies, and the one starring Gene Hackman as coach of a high school basketball team in Indiana got the top spot.

Since North and South fall coaches had some extra time on their hands, I asked them to name theirs.


South tennis

1. Miracle: Does this need any explanation? This brought the nation together when morale was down: Cold War, Russian invasion of Afghanistan, Jimmy Carter’s presidency, ’79 Hostage Crisis, etc.

2. Rocky: The original is a total classic. You can’t put Rocky any lower than No. 2.

3. Remember the Titans: Love it. Set during a time of school segregation, civil rights, and just a beautiful story of two teams coming together and making each other better.

4. Hoosiers: Many a kid went outside to shoot on their hoops after this one premiered. Just a small town classic. David v. Goliath. Anything is possible on the hard court.

5. Invictus: Very well done by Clint Eastwood. Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon are awesome in this. Great sound track throughout. The Springboks winning the World Cup of Rugby, beating the All Blacks along the way. Just a beauty.


North soccer

1. Caddy Shack: No matter how many times I have watched this movie (over 25), it never gets old and always makes me laugh. It is an iconic movie.

2. Remember the Titans

3. Major League

4. Rocky

5. Blind Side


North football

1. Friday Night Lights: To me the movie illustrates the comparison that all high school coaches talk about between football and real life. How the lessons that we learn playing the game of football can help us find success in the different challenges that life presents through an honest sense of self, respect of others, and honor.

The rest, in no particular order:

Facing The Giants



Remember the Titans.


(Top 20)

1 Hoosiers

2 Bull Durham

2 Rocky

4 Caddyshack

5 Slap Shot

6 Field of Dreams

7 Raging Bull

8 Major League

8 The Natural

10 A League of their Own

11 Moneyball

12 The Bad News Bears

12 Miracle

14 Hoop Dreams

15 Eight Men Out

16 Chariots of Fire

17 White Men Can’t Jump

18 Remember the Titans

18 Seabiscuit

18 Rudy

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