County COVID-19 cases triple over past month

The total number of COVID cases in Sheboygan County has tripled over the past month, according to totals provided by the county Division of Public Health.

The first COVID-19 cases in Sheboygan County were recorded on March 13. It took until July 7 to pass 250 cases in the county – 116 days, nearly 4 months later.

Over the next month the total more than tripled to 759 by August 7.

A majority (56%) of the new cases from July 7 to August 7 were recorded in the City of Sheboygan. The city has 43% of the county’s total population.

No area of the county is COVID-free. Every census district in the county has recorded at least 5 cases total.

An interactive map of the current COVID total for each of the 26 census districts in the county is available at Click Sheboygan County, then click “Zoom to” in the box which pops up.

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