“Justice for everybody” – Protestors walk Sheboygan streets

by Dan Colton
videos by Dan Colton

Dozens of protestors gathered Tuesday June 2 in Sheboygan after mass gatherings spread across the nation and world following the death of George Floyd, a man killed in Minneapolis after being detained by police there.

A widely-shared video shows Floyd begging for air as an officer presses his knee onto Floyd’s neck for minutes on end. Onlookers captured in the video beg the officer to release his knee, but eventually, Floyd stops moving.

Protestors formed up and set out from the steps of the Sheboygan County courthouse and made their way to Fountain Park, eventually heading to the intersection of Erie Avenue and North 14th Street.

“We’re getting ready to march and let them know we’re not taking it,” said protest organizer Koya Wheaton as the group of about 90 people set out from Fountain Park. “We have to start in our own communities.”

Wheaton said protests grew from about 20 people Monday to nearly 100 Tuesday, and the large contingent of demonstrators drew countless responses from drivers who honked horns as they drove past the scene of peaceful protestors.

Protestors walking near North Beach. – photo by Lewis Tucker

Groups of demonstrators were also seen near the north side lakefront and on North 8th Street. Some protestors appeared to walk down the road towards the end of the evening, creating backups for drivers in the area.

The streets cleared as heavy thunderstorms rolled in around 8:45 p.m.

Police and protestors interacted peacefully. – photo by Dan Colton

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