Man charged with howling at K9 unit

by Dan Colton
for The Beacon

Following an allegedly drunken fight in downtown Sheboygan, a Sheboygan Falls man is charged with harassing a police dog after police say he howled at it.

Police said William Orvis, 26, was taken into custody last month when Sheboygan police found him wrestling with another man in the parking lot of Brennan’s Tavern on Michigan Avenue. Police said they intervened and took him into custody. 

Police said Orvis was led to a squad car and passed by another police vehicle. Inside the other vehicle was a police canine, Max. Despite warning from police, authorities say Orvis began to repeatedly howl at the animal.

Sheboygan Police Department Officer Anna Taylor and her K9 partner Max. – Photo by Sheboygan PD.

“Orvis howled multiple times towards the squad car,” according to a criminal complaint. “Officer Wilson warned Orvis that his behavior was a crime and to stop howling. Orvis again howled at Officer Taylor’s squad car, causing Officer Taylor’s K9 partner, Max, to begin barking in Orvis’s direction.”

Orvis is also charged with disorderly conduct. If found guilty on both misdemeanors, Orvis could be imprisoned for a year and fined up to $11,000. His initial court appearance is scheduled Sept. 16.

Harassment of police and fire animals is a Class A Misdemeanor defined in Wis. Stat. 951.095

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