Sheboygan Panera Bread construction underway, opening in fall

Activity at Panera Bread’s Sheboygan location is “proofing” that the foundation is “rising” for the popular chain bakery. – photo by Mrs. Jo Hanson

The Sheboygan city clerk’s office confirmed Wednesday that the construction underway near the Meijer store on Taylor Dr. is for a Panera Bread location. Currently, local aficionados of the bread, sandwich, salad and soup chain have to drive to Manitowoc, Fond du Lac, or West Bend. 

According to Panera Bread, the Sheboygan location has an opening date slated for this fall.

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  1. I am just happy to have a more upscale sandwich shop in Sheboygan. It is hard to get a commercial franchise is this town, due to being close enough to the lake to restrict the amount of traffic flow that they deem necessary for success.

  2. I agree with Maria… Golden Corral has a nice variety at reasonable prices. We have enough pizza and hamburger restaurants.

  3. Hi Maria, Pizza Ranch in Sheboygan has everything else beside chinese you could want. Sheboygan is loaded with a huge diversity of restaurants of all ethnicities, one just has to Google and see. So much to offer there! A Golden Corral is just another “American Buffet” to enjoy, but go and see what is all there in the town. And I don’t even live there! Great city with lots to offer.

  4. This is nice to know and I am sure it will do very well, even though slightly high-dollar. What we also need in Sheboygan is a Golden Corral buffet restaurant. The only buffets around are mostly Chinese. I love the Chinese Buffets but if we had a Golden Corral, which caters for all tastes, it would be ideal. Currently we have to drive to Oshkosh or Green Bay for one.

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